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New to Sea Moss? We are so happy you decided to give our Sea Moss a try.


Our Sea Moss Starter Kit is perfect for the anyone wanting to try Sea Moss for the first time or wanting the convenience of having everything that is needed to make individual servings.


Our Sea Moss Moss Starter Kit includes:

  • 0.5 oz Raw Sea Moss
  • 4 oz Mason Jar (available in gold, black or silver)
  • Sea Moss Moss Wooden Spoon
  • 8 oz  Bottled Spring Water*
  • Organic Key Lime** 


Key limes help preserve the freshness of Sea Moss after it has been washed and soaked in water or made into a Sea Moss gel. We understand organic key limes are not available in all regions, so we want to make sure you have everything needed to make your first batch of Sea Moss. Therefore, we have included organic key limes in our Sea Moss Moss Starter Kits. 


Please contact our customer service department if you prefer not to include the key lime in your order. Requests must be made within 12 hours of placing an order. 


*Brand varies based on availability.

**Our Organic Key Limes are not for individual purchase and are available in the Sea Moss Moss Starter Kit only.

Sea Moss Moss Starter Kit

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